Friday, June 28, 2013

Congratulations to the new Knight Island/Don Pedro Island Streets and Drainage MSTU Advisory Committee!

Okay, so lets just call it the “Roads & Bridges” Committee, or R&B for short. On Tuesday, June 25th, the Board of County Commissioners voted to fill the 6 positions on the new committee from candidates who applied from around the Island. The ordinance forming the committee detailed representatives to be appointed from each of 4 geographical “districts” plus one at-large member and one at-large alternate. It also restricted membership to “resident electors” only (candidates who are property owners in the MSTU and are registered to vote using that address).

Here are our new committee members:

District #1 – Jeffery O. Jacobson

District #2 – Timothy W. Malone (There were no applicants that reside in this district. The Board decided to select an applicant from another district to fill the vacancy.)

District #3 – David J. Witters

District #4 – Linda B. Cotherman

Regular at large member – William E. McNulty

Alternate at large member – Donald W. Milroy

According to an email from Sandra Wright of Charlotte County Public Works, “Each member will receive a confirmation letter to confirm their appointment and information from the County Attorney’s office regarding the Sunshine Law. The length of the members’ terms will be determined at the first meeting. The Steering Committee will receive a courtesy email to let you know the date, time and location of the first meeting should you wish to attend. Meetings are open to the public. After the first meeting, the Committee will receive meeting notices and meeting notes. The Public will be able to view that information on the County Website.

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