Tuesday, May 7, 2013

On the Agenda

On Monday, May 13th at 1:30 PM, the County Planning & Zoning Board will be holding a public hearing for the proposed Bridgeless Barrier Island Zoning District.  And what is that?

This year, Charlotte County is doing a little internal housekeeping.  Back in 1990, the County changed it’s Comprehensive Plan to restrict the development rights of properties on the bridgeless barrier islands to “one dwelling unit per acre or one dwelling unit per platted lot.”  The Future Land Use Map was updated at the time to comply, but the zoning was not.

In order to align the outdated zoning with the 1990 Comp Plan policy and the FLUM, they are creating a new “Bridgeless Barrier Island Zoning District.”  Our properties will be zoned “Coastal Residential”, the BBI version of single family residential. Just as it has been since 1990, no multi-family or commercial (hotel or condo) development will be permitted.

Two more public hearings for the District will be held at Murdock in June and July. The Island Watch will attend the hearings and keep us posted. 

Also, on May 28th, County staff along with Coastal Engineering Consultants, Inc. will be presenting their 10-year Beach & Inlet Management Plan to the County Commission.
A letter was sent on April 26th from Humiston & Moore, an engineering firm representing the Palm Island Civic Association, to endorse the 10-year plan.  The letter was sent to Charles Mopps, the Charlotte County Project Manager, and copied to the Board of County Commissioners, Coastal Engineering Consultants, Coastal Tech and the Beaches & Shores Advisory Committee.

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