Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bocilla Utilities finalizes bulk water purchase from Englewood Water District

The Island Watch received an email from Robin Sofa, Project Coordinator from Englewood Water District, indicating that Bocilla Utilities will be purchasing bulk water in the future from Englewood Water District. On June 6th, 2013, an agreement was signed by the District and Bocilla Utilities for a bulk water connection to the EWD distribution system.  

There was a field meeting held on August 6th with Bocilla Utilities and EWD staff.  According to the email, the connection to the District’s system is anticipated for the end of this year.

Bocilla Utilities is back under the regulation of the Public Service Commission, the entity that regulates rates for Florida utilities. It is customary for the cost of infrastructure to be passed on to the water customers through a rate increase.

Also noteworthy, Bocilla Utilities has a new website:  The new website allows you to sign into a new customer portal to manage your account, as well as providing an informative section on water leaks and high bills.

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