Monday, October 14, 2013

Roads & Bridges Committee is up and running

The newly appointed Roads & Bridges advisory committee had it’s first meeting on July 16th, 2013.  First order of business was selecting officers and assigning terms for it’s members. Linda Cotherman will serve as committee chair, and Tim Malone will serve as vice-chair.

There was some discussion regarding the cleaning of a culvert pipe that runs under the road on Palm Drive. Also, the County Engineering Dept. received an estimate for an inspection of the Kosinski Bridge, and the committee approved the payment.  County bridges are normally inspected by the State of Florida every two years.  Our bridge need this inspection due to it’s age and material.

The conversation regarding the condition of the roads and the rain damage sustained by them was extensive.  The committee was informed that a purchase order had been issued for the unpaved road experts, The Center for Dirt and Gravel Road Studies at Penn State, to perform an assessment of the roads. The consultants’ report will provide recommendations on how to proceed in the most economically and eco-friendly way to correct the road issues on the Island.

The County and the committee discussed ways to address the problems in the interim while awaiting the professional assessment.  A test of a new road material was conducted on a long stretch of Bocilla Drive.  This material consisted of a washed shell base with a sand topping.  The Penn State representative inspected the test strip, and seemed encouraged by the result. County staff continued to monitor the situation while awaiting the report.

The next step will be reviewing the consultants’ report and implementing their suggestions

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