Sunday, October 20, 2013

The 2013 Annual Island Beach Access Clean-Up and Cookout

You may have noticed that the Island looks a little trimmer after this weekend. That’s because a group of community volunteers met on Saturday to tidy up the vegetation at the PIE Annual Beach Access Clean-Up and Cookout.

Mowing, weed-wacking, pruning, trimming and weed pulling gave everything a lift. Workers cleaned up the beach easements, the ferry landing gardens, the firehouse gardens and the Century Link gardens.

Our thanks to Valerie Guenther for organizing the event, and the following volunteers for helping out:

Dwayne Allen
Cassie Ator
Cathy Crowe
Linda Cotherman
Barbara DeYulio
Pat & Jim Gordon
Gil Guenther
Sally B. Johnson & Dick Aulenti
Rose & Tim Malone
Sharon Porro
Dick Sadenwater
Angela & Charles Seymour
Ray & Marie Smith
Lindsay Yates
Gary Wilkins

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