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The 2014 PIE Annual Membership Meeting

Registration at the Annual Meeting
 1.26.2014: PIE President Jim Gordon called the 2014 Annual Membership Meeting to order after the rush of membership renewals and balloting had finished. The reading of the meeting minutes from the 2013 Annual Meeting was waived.

President’s Report (Jim Gordon)
Jim reported that PIE had two main focuses in 2013, based on the input from the Island Poll: keeping the membership informed and being more representative of the membership in civic affairs.
We believe that we accomplished this through: website updates, more communication with the Board of County Commissioners, the R&B Advisory Committee and the Island Fire & EMS Study Group.
Ongoing PIE activities include annual testing of the waterways (Island Watch), environmental activities (WHPP, Turtle Patrol, Gopher Tortoise Conservation Team), social activities (New Years Day Parade, Street Dance, Pancake Breakfast, Art in the Palms) and community services (Beach Cleanup & Cookout, free house numbering, Island directory).
Financially, the year went very well and as a result we increased our charitable donations. We are also having growth in our membership: we may hit our target of 200 members this year.

There are lots of projects planned for next year, which means we may be dipping into our reserves by approximately $10K. More will be spent to maintain beach accesses (using professional help), more will be spent on Info Central presentations and we anticipate more spending on donations.  Kjell pointed out that WHPP received a generous donation from Southern Design, and it was also mentioned that the Gopher Tortoise Conservation Team gets donations as well.

47 members attended the meeting
Roads & Bridges Report (Dave Witters)
The R&B Advisory Committee is working to not waste our R&B tax dollars. We are presently stuck with a 2-year contract with the former County contractor, which expires in September.  We changed the scope of the contract work plan to re-grade all of the unpaved roads to a 4% pitch.  The cable company will first mark and move (if necessary) underground lines that cross the road, but BE PREPARED for service interruption when lines are cut.  Also, the County will trim vegetation in the right-of-ways, but they do not want to disturb homeowner plantings.  So check your curbside and clear of vegetation. 
We are looking into new underlayment material because it will be less costly and more durable.  It is like a #89 rock: mostly coral & 20% shell (like driveway material). The current price is $6/ton, compared to the contractors’ bid material ($38/ton plus 12% profit plus 9% overhead).  Everything will need to be re-bid out when the current contract expires.
We sent the new material to the PA experts, and are waiting for the report to come back to see if material will be appropriate.  Tentative start for grading is MARCH. [ed. note: following the meeting we received the attached letter from Lindsey Matz Johnson, Finance Director of General Contracting Services, Inc. with further information about the roads] 

Social Committee Report (Pat Gordon for Suzy Kett)
PIE Social is planning the same roster of annual activities, but they are also considering bringing back “Pig in the Palms”, a casual pig roast/barbeque/luau to be held either at the ferry landing or on the beach some time around Spring Break in April.  Other ideas circulating were: possible neighborhood tag sale, new neighbor mixers to meet new Island owners.

Kjell announced that the WHPP packet of environmental information would be converted to an online version for the PIE website this year. Two residents who are building in 2014 are working with WHPP to preserve tortoise burrows and native vegetation. Also in 2014 they will have one additional GTC Team member apply for State Gopher Tortoise Agent status. There will then be two team members certified by Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.
Kjell Plotkin reports for WHPP
This February a new gopher tortoise program called 'Build a Berm' will be introduced to the community.  The objective of this program is to provide a foraging area for gopher tortoises while enhancing your yard with a small interesting landscape element.  Five residents participated in successful test projects in 2013.
One last issue regarding gopher tortoises...there were 8 gopher tortoises run over this past year...that number should be ZERO!  
The Annual Septic Pump-Out will be in March, check the PIE website for details.  PIE Environmental will work on a program for the anaerobic systems in 2014.

Island Watch (Dick Sadenwater)
The water supply hookup to Englewood Water District is in progress. The Bocilla Utilities plant on the Island is expected to be phased out starting in February.  According to BU owner Craig Noden, there will be no immediate changes to the water charges.  Water lines are presently being pressure tested and sanitized. 
Dick also mentioned Fire & EMS community meeting coming up Tuesday 1.28.2014 at 10:00 AM at the Resort Clubhouse.

Info Central (Sally B. Johnson)
Sally is looking for ideas for Info Central presentations. One possible speaker: a FEMA representative to talk about upcoming changes to flood insurance.  Also, a reprise of CPR training class.  Suggestions for ‘fun’ workshops include “How to Catch Fish” and “Fabulous Things to Do with your Grandchildren (within 20 Miles)”.

Board Members hear reports
Approval of the by-laws amendment was passed with a vast majority of “yes” votes (58-4).
All new board were elected to positions: John Sickles, Vicky Millette-Riley and Ray Smith.
Dick Sadenwater was introduced as an interim director appointed by the board to serve the last year of a retired board member.

Suggestion for the website: webpage for the R&B Advisory Committee with contact information.
Suggestion for the website: Introduce new neighbors with online profiles in the member directory.
Suggestion for the website: “Member Marketplace” where members can post items for sale or looking to buy.

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  1. There are false statements in the Roads and Bridges report. The contract with the current contractor is not 2 years, the contract term was for 1 year, at a time with a mutual agreement to renew for up to 2 more additional years. The contract expires yearly on Dec. 31st, not in September. The current contractor has offered numerous times to put down whatever material the County instructs, and has gone as far as giving the residents a detail of our pricing to ensure the residents are spending their tax dollars wisely. As an island resident, it is frustrating to say the least, that there is an avenue in place to better our roads but due to political non-sense the process has had delay after delay. I will be curious to see who profits from this re-bid and if our roads will ever get better.