Friday, February 14, 2014

Important Notice from Bocilla Utilities

The following notice was recently posted on the back of Bocilla Utilities' customer bills:

Office: 941 -769- 0561

IMPORTANCE NOTICE - For all Bocilla Utilities Customers

Dear Islander,

Starting the middle of February 2014 Bocilla Utilities (BUI) will start flowing water from
Englewood Water District (EWD) into our distribution system. The two potable waters are very similar except for the method of disinfectant. EWD uses chloramines and BUI uses liquid chlorine. There will be mixing of the two water supplies until the booster station (North side of Panama Blvd) is operational sometime in March 2014.

What to expect:

KIDNEY DIALYSIS - Kidney Dialysis users should be aware that the water may contain
chloramines and chlorines until April 2014 and then only chloramines.

AQUARIUM OWNERS - Aquarium owners should use neutralizers that work on chlorine as well as chloramines until April 2014 and then treatment would only be for

BUI employees will be flushing the water distribution system during this transition
period and there may be minor discoloration of the water, some slight chlorine taste or
odor and system pressures may vary a small amount. To view a copy of EWD's 2012
Annual Water Quality Report click the button below. This report describes the source,
treatment and quality of our future water supply.

Starting April 2014 the only thing that will have change is the production of your water. BUI will still be your water utility, your rates will be the same and any question or concerns can be emailed to or you can call the office at (941) 769-0561.

Bocilla Utilities is committed to providing you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water.

R. Craig Noden

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