Wednesday, July 9, 2014

You're gonna need a bigger boat.

Shark Week is coming to your TV in August, and one of the programs has a bit of special meaning for us Island old-timers.

Kelly Hayward-Smith is the daughter of John M Hayward, Don Pedro Island pioneer.  Johnny was a commercial airline pilot, and “discovered” the Island while aloft.  In fact, he even picked out his property from above, circling in his plane! He built his home and guest house on a double lot on Bocilla drive, and remained there until he passed several years ago.

Daughter Kelly is a twice Emmy-nominated editor with decades of experience in TV production.  She was editor and post-producer for “Great White Serial Killer” which premiered on Discovery’s Shark Week in 2013.   Now she is editing “Air Jaws: Quest for Colossus" for Shark week 2014. (there may have been a late title change to “Air Jaws: Fin of Fury” so keep a look-out!) Tune in starting Sunday, August 10th.

By the way, Johnny’s Bocilla Drive estate is now inhabited by his stepson, Kris Doubles, and partner.  It’s good to keep the Island ‘all in the family’!

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