Sunday, August 24, 2014

Island Roads: Update from the R&B Advisory Committee Chair

Linda Cotherman had a meeting on 8-5-14 on the island with Commissioner Truex and Dan Quick, Director of Public Works. Dan will attend the next road committee meeting in September. 

At this time, the contractor will finish grading the roads, then we will begin the final phase of road work.  This phase will include the committee working directly with a "construction manager" to produce a scope of services to include additional prep work, placement of shell and sand, and future grading and maintenance. Working with, and having  a "construction manager" reporting directly to the committee will enable us to be very site specific with our requests for future road work and allow for accountability. 

This process will take a number of months to put in place but this extended time frame will ensure that construction and inspections are done correctly and that regular long term maintenance of our roads is provided for. In the meantime, grading can be done as needed until the more permanent solution is finalized.

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