Wednesday, February 4, 2015

1.25.15 The Annual PIE Membership Meeting

It was a beautiful afternoon, and members sat on the firehouse driveway to hear the annual year in review at the PIE Annual Membership Meeting.

President's Report

After the reading of last year's minutes were waived, PIE President Jim Gordon began with some kudos to the PIE Board members and volunteers who supervised various projects for PIE last year: Ray Smith for the flagpole installation, Dick Sadenwater for "50 Free Trees", Meryl Schaffer for the web updates, and all of the members who volunteered to help with the beach clean-up and garden maintenance.  Thanks were also given to departing PIE board members Valerie Guenther and Donna Bright.

Treasurer's Report

Pat Gordon delivered the Treasurer's report, indicating that the surplus from AITP was up from last year (click here for complete AITP report).  Dave Witters made a donation of $200 to the Gopher Tortoise Conservation Team for their assistance with a lot preparation.  $1500 was spent on an architectural rendering for the planned dune walkover at Access #7, and donations were made last year to the Englewood Clininc, Helping Hands, Kids Needs, Suncoast Humane and Venice Wildlife.

Committee Reports

First, Ray Smith introduced the new County fire-fighters to a warm round of applause.

Waste Removal (Ray Smith): question was asked about oversized and electronic waste. Answer was to call Waste Management. With advance notice, they will frequently pick it up on the regular trash day, or if not they will arrange for a special pick-up. A suggestion was made to move the trash cans on the Island side of the ferry landing closer to the golf cart park. Ray also mentioned the annual septic pump-outs.  If you are interested in sharing a barge fee for a pump-out or anaerobic maintenance, contact Ray @

Island Watch: Water Testing (Dick Sadenwater): question had come up about the yellowish color of the drinking water in some households. There are two explanations:
1-Englewood Water has tannin in the water from the Peace River which can't be filtered out, but it is not harmful.
2-Water flow used to come from S. Gulf Blvd. Since the water flow is now coming from a different direction it is knocking loose particles of rust and debris inside the pipes.  This should clear up.

Info Central (Sally B. Johnson): Last year Info Central hosted Charlotte County Commissioner Bill Truex and Claire Jubb, flood program specialist from Charlotte County, Scott Lane, chief of Englewood Fire District and Mike Poff of Coastal Consultants. As an update to Bill Truex discussions, the planned bike path between Rotonda West and the Boca bridge is now out for bid. Info Central would like to have Bill Truex return this year, along with a meet & greet with our new fire chief, MaryAnn Taylor.  Info Central is always looking for discussion topics/speakers. Please contact Sally B. Johnson @

Island Watch: Roads & Bridges (Linda Cotherman): The formal advisory committee chair reports that we are in the process of RFP (request for proposals) to restore the sand roads. The contract will be a 'design/build' with one firm handling both aspects to create 18' travelways with sand & shell topping.  Charlotte County has been doing maintenance on the roads in the interim.  There is also some bridge maintenance scheduled.  R&B is also in the process of reducing the speed limit  to 20 MPH by having one sign posted (near the ferry landing) stating that all roads on the Island are 20 MPH except where otherwise posted. The next R&B committee meeting will be held on 2/11 @ 2:00 PM at San Casa. Go to the Charlotte County Website and search for the MSTU/BU page (we are the Don Pedro/Knight Island Streets & Drainage MSTU) for committee meeting schedule and minutes.

Social Committee (Suzy Kett): Suzy announced the Street Dance (Feb. 7th) 2 6:00 PM (Tim & Rose Malone's, 111 Bocilla Drive). Having burgers & dogs, bring a dish to pass.  They need help to set up on Friday 2/6 @ 10:00 AM. The next event will be Easter breakfast (111 Bocilla) after the 'sunrise' service on the beach. Social needs volunteers for a new committee for "Pig in the Palms", a beach party set for 4/11. And Suzy is always looking for volunteers and new ideas for Art in the Palms. Contact her @ Other events include the "Lights Out" party at the end of May and the Island Beach Access Clean-up & Cookout in October.  Watch the calendar at the PIE website for upcoming events.


Looking for the best bargain for parcel delivery? Ray Smith shared his research on the best deal:
1-The new UPS store near Publix will receive parcels for $3/box
2-Parcels Plus near San Casa will receive parcels for $3.50/box
3-Parcel Express in Tiffany Square will receive parcels for $1.00/box

Jeff Bisgrove announced an upcoming plan to dredge Bocilla Lagoon from bridge to bridge.  Residents bordering the lagoon can contact Jeff @ 

How about an all-Island garage sale?  The PIE board is looking for suggestions and volunteers to coordinate.  The idea was floated to possibly coordinate this with a 'big dump' day for oversized trash items.  

Old Business: None

New Business: The modifications to the by-laws were approved and the new PIE directors were elected.

Membership Input:

It was suggested by Dick Sadenwater that we may want to expand the Island clean-up to include the removal of yard waste & trimmings that have been left around the Island on vacant lots (a reminder that this is not only illegal dumping but really bad manners!(.

Another member suggested a "wrong way" sign for Panama Blvd. to prevent motorists from backing off the ferry in the wrong direction.

Complaints were made about the ferry landings being unsightly, leading to a discussion of beautification for the landings, particularly on the mainland side. Linda Cotherman mentioned the R&B committee had been discussing ADA compliance (handicapped parking) on Panama Blvd., and suggested the two ideas can be merged.

Adjourn! And after an hour of PIE, everyone ate pie.

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