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Beach Renourishment Project Update

Stump Pass 10 Year Beach and Inlet Management Plan
Project Manager:Mopps, Chuck (
Last Updated:03/19/2015 7:54 AM
This project provides for continued monitoring, as required by permitting, for dredging Stump Pass that re-established the 1980 channel alignment and provided for re-nourishment of critically eroded beaches. Maintenance dredging of Stump Pass and beach re-nourishment will be conducted approximately every three years.
An engineered structure will be installed at Stump Pass to improve program performance. In the permitting process, an Adaptive Management Plan Strategy will be employed to provide options for modifications to structure(s) placed with initial construction or installation of additional structures in the future in response to beach and inlet management activities and storm erosion impacts.
After reviewing the proposed alternatives, the Florida Park Service prefers a rock terminal groin sited as far south as practicable. Coastal Engineering Consultants (CEC) completed a project modeling study to determine how far south it can be placed to minimize impacts. The results were provided to the State agencies responsible for review and comment.
The result of this modeling showed that reducing the height of the structure by 1.5 feet did not affect the performance and decreased any negative impacts downstream of the structure. However, the State Park Service did not choose this as their desired configuration. They asked for a design that would increase the amount of sand placement upstream of the structure, but the modeling showed that this would be more costly and could have negative impacts on the down drift beaches and the pass itself.
CEC submitted draft t-groin plans to FDEP in response to a Request for Additional Information (RAI.) The FDEP issued a second RAI to which the CEC and County staff have prepared a response including: minor drawing edits, minor changes to the biological monitoring program, formal public noticing, erosion control line process for sand placement, and terminal groin installation on the Stump Pass Beach State Park.
Coordination with ACOE is ongoing; the ACOE engineering division will begin their technical review of the terminal groin design. Coastal Engineering Consultants expects this review to go smoothly.
The ACOE submitted permit documents to the State Historic Preservation Office for their review of potential impacts to historical and cultural resources. It is noted that the consulting team included a marine archaeologist who assisted with the design elements to avoid such impacts.
The US Fish and Wildlife Service is actively working on a new Biological Opinion (BO) for this Project. It is noted that the Red Knot was recently listed on the threatened and endangered species list, thus a new BO will have to review the project for migratory birds including Piping Plover and Red Knot as well as sea turtles.
The County is actively working to renew the original project easements, specific to beach front property owners, for temporary construction and related access needs. Further, the County is seeking additional temporary construction easements from beachfront property owners outside of the original project limits from the State Park Beach to the County Park Beach on Manasota Key.
The 2015 scope of services has been approved to continue the program.
Projected Permitting Schedule:
May 2014 - June 2015: Permit processing with FDEP & USACE
June 2015: FDEP permit
July 2015: USACE Permit
Design & Permitting:04/16/2012 - July 201570%
Procurement Process:August 2015 - October 20150%
Construction:November 2015 - TBD


Design:Coastal Engineering Consultants
An application to utilize Restore Act funds will be submitted when Restor Act funds become available.
Please note that project designs, budgets and timelines are estimates only and are subject to change.

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