Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bulletin from Palm Island Transit

NEW PALM ISLAND TRANSIT PROCEDURE                    April, 2015
Beginning in April PIT will be introducing a Transit Ranger who will check-in and process transactions for vehicles using the car ferry.
The Ranger will be working out of a golf cart, navigating the waiting line on Panama Blvd.
The Ranger will be equipped to process payments using credit & debit, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex cards. 
Our objective is to speed up the boarding process, and allow the mates to focus on the safety of vehicles, and walk-on guests.
In addition to collecting payments; the Ranger will be collecting pass book tickets, punching flex passes, verifying annual passes, and recording activity for those home builders who have contracts.
After being processed by the Ranger you will be given a ticket which you will provide to the mate when your vehicle is in place on the barge.
Later each evening (Depending on Traffic) the Ranger will be shut down and processing will be handled by the mate on the ferry the same way it is presently handled.
Home owners who have guests and service companies coming to their home should follow these guidelines –
     Bring payment to the Transit office prior to the day of arrival. The name will be recorded on the daily arrival list, and provided to the Ranger.
       If you are on the Island you may bring a pass ticket to the mate on the Island side; he will deliver it to the Ranger. This can only be done if the guest/service company is arriving that day. Your name and the name of the guest/service company must be written on the back of the ticket. When delivering a ticket to the ferry mate do not board the vessel until all traffic has finished loading and unloading.
The Transit Company is not responsible for passes that are not used on the specified day, and become lost.
     For owners who are out of the area, and have service needs at their home; arrangements should be made with the service provider directly. If this isn’t possible, you can call the Transit office, and provide payment via credit card. 
All Property owners should encourage their vendors who do business on Don Pedro / Knight Island to purchase their own pass books, and add the fee to their bills. This would reduce your responsibility, and make the system more efficient for all involved.  
As you know we have a web site where prices, hours, and other useful information is posted. We will add this information to the site for your reference.
We believe that these changes will make the Transit system more efficient, safer, and more flexible for our customers; we will continue to explore better and more efficient ways to accommodate a diverse customer base.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Palm Island Transit 

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