Sunday, June 14, 2015

From the Island Watch: Fire Safety

Our Island watch committee has been tracking the progress of the reporting on the tragic fire that occurred over Memorial Day weekend, and will attempt to arrange a community meeting with the public information officer from the CC Fire dept.  

For now, these general suggestions will contribute to the overall fire safety of your home.

1- Do not store flammables of any kind under your home, including gasoline, paint thinners, oily rags, etc.

2- Do not charge your golf cart under your house.  Hydrogen gas is given off during the charging process, which can accumulate and explode.

Multiple extension chords
plugged into 15 amp maximum receptacle
3- Avoid excessive use of extension chords. Open connections are a source of spark: the more there are, the more you increase your fire risk.  If you only have one receptacle in an area, have an electrician install additional receptacles.

4- Make sure that your house number is prominently displayed on a reflective sign clearly visible from the road.

It is further suggested that you purchase and install wireless smoke alarms in your home.  The key to these new smoke alarms is that they are interconnected wirelessly: if one alarm trips, the other alarm will sound.  You should install one under your home, and one inside your living quarters.  The units we recommend are the KIDDE Wireless Smoke Alarm, model #RF-SM-DC.  They are priced at $25-$35 each, depending on where you shop, and you will need two of them. They can be purchased at Home Depot on the internet, or at  If you buy at Amazon before 6/30, you enjoy a 15% discount and free shipping. 

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