Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stump Pass dredging delayed

Stump Pass dredging delayed


ENGLEWOOD - Boaters will have to wait four months or more before Stump Pass is dredged.
Charlotte County still is waiting to receive all of its federal permitting, Coastal Projects Manager
Chuck Mopps and Michael Poff of Coastal Engineering Consultants told the Beaches and Shores
Advisory Committee Thursday. The county does not seek contractor bids until it has all the necessary permitting in hand.
The schedule now is:
• To seek bids in March, review the bids and then choose a dredging contractor in May. The goal is to give the contractor a "notice to proceed" by July 11.
• To renourish the Knight and Don Pedro shorelines with offshore sand from August to October.
• To dredge the Stump Pass channel in October and November. A I50-foot-wide, 9-foot-deep channel will be dredged on the Lemon Bay side of the pass, and a 300-foot-wide, 11-foot-deep channel at the mouth of Stump Pass on the Gulf.
• To build a permeable rock groin at the southern tip of Manasota Key and to backfill it with sand
from November to January 2017.
The project calls for any beach renourishment of Manasota Key to be scheduled outside the sea turtle nesting season, which extends from May 1 to Oct. 31. Manasota Key is recognized as a primary nesting site for loggerheads and other sea turtle species on Florida's Gulf coast. According to the Coastal Wildlife Club, which oversees the volunteer sea turtle patrols on Manasota Key, sea
turtles laid more than 3,800 nests this past season.
However that's not to say sea turtle nesting is not seen on Knight and Don Pedro islands, south of
Stump Pass. The primary state permit holder overseeing sea turtle patrols, Brenda Bossman, reported 460 nests in the 2015 season on Knight and Don Pedro islands.
Any nests on Knight and Don Pedro will be dug up and relocated. That can be done, Bossman said.
She will be working with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission staff to identify
appropriate relocation sites for the nests. The details of the Stump Pass 10-Year Beach and Inlet Management Plan can be found under "Project Status Updates" on the county's home page at www.charlottecountyfl.gov.
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