Thursday, October 13, 2016

Inclement Weather and the Ferry

Palm Island Ferry Info


Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Evacuation Procedures
Charlotte County Emergence Operations will give out the evacuation notice on the approach of a Hurricane or storm. In that case Palm Island Transit will go into Emergency operation and operate 24 hour service to help get everyone off Island or until we get an all clear from the Sheriff’s office, weather permitting. We will only run 2 Ferry’s during normal hours if posable weather permitting and 1 on the 24hour operation weather permitting.
Charlotte County Fire, EMS stop operations when speeds reach 45mph sustained or greater during Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. Please keep this in mind.
Hurricane, Tropical Storms: When wind speeds reach 40mph sustained, we stop hauling high profile vehicles (semi-trucks and trailers, large panel trucks, etc.). We will continue to make runs in-between squalls at Captains discretion. At 45mph sustained will stop operations and secure all vessels. After this we will not start back up until all clear and winds decrees to safe operating speeds. 
Please limit your trips to as few as posable.
We urge you be prepared and not to wait to the las minute if an evacuation notice is given. Pay attention to local weather for up dates. Put a plan together now! 

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